Southern Zone

Zona Sur(Bolivia, 2009) – Directed by Juan Carlos Valdivia

108 min. – Spanish/Aymara with English subtitles

With the ascendancy of Socialist Evo Morales to the presidency of Bolivia and his subsequent nationalizing of various industries, the Hispanic upper class is no longer sure of its power and position. One such family, led by a very strong-willed but ultimately clueless divorcee, is struggling to hold on financially. The college-age children don’t yet realize that their days of privilege and self-indulgence are about to end, while the youngest son wants the cook to make the food spicier so people won’t think “they are White.” Not only is Wilson the cook, but he is also the dresser and confidant of Carola, “the lady of the house.” In fact, the relationship between Wilson and Carola is quite complex, but that doesn’t mean she treats him well. In short, ZONA SUR provides a microcosm of the social upheaval taking place in a country in which the indigenous people are finally reasserting sociopolitical control. This was Bolivia’s entry for Best Foreign Language Film in the 2010 Academy Awards.