Jueves – Thursday, April 3 – 6:00-8:00 pm

(Venezuela, 2011)
Director: Cesar Lucena (N/R – 75 min.)

The lives of Alma and Samuel elapse in the mountains which they have never left. Seeking a cure for Alma’s infertility, the couple arrives at the gates of an eccentric foreign healer who is temporarily living in the mountains.

There, Samuel discovers that he has a powerful and unexpected gift that inevitably, begins to change his life. Prisoner of his own fortune and tied to a destiny of which he cannot escape, Samuel embarks on a journey to the most unpredictable territory of his own soul, facing a reality that he never would have chosen. Life demands everything from him, even that of which he cannot give.

*** Sponsored by the Consulate of the República Bolivariana de Venezuela en Chicago.