My First Wedding

Mi Primera Boda(Argentina, 2011) – Directed by Ariel Winograd

Feature film, 90 min – Spanish w/English Subtitles.

Unlike American romantic comedies, you’re not sure whether Ariel Winograd’s, Mi Primera Boda (My First Wedding) is a celebration of love or an unresolved display of the ugly reality when it breaks through romantic illusions. But that doesn’t really matter because, also unlike American Romantic comedies, “love” is on the back burner. An action-packed 90-minutes unveils religious and personality tensions between families, theological musings of a wandering priest and rabbi, a sex/drugs/rock-n-roll senile grandparent, and the hidden motives of ex-lovers. Every character has his/her moment of glory.

*** Sponsored by the Argentine Consulate in Chicago