The Queen of the People*

La Rreina De La Puebla

Venezuela, 2010

Saturday, April 6th – 5:30 pm – Wealthy Theater

Documental – Director: Juan Andrés Bello

N/R – 60 min.

Clemente, the daughter of the President’s secretary; on the other, those of Yolanda Leal, a school-teacher from a poor neighborhood in Caracas. The country was going through a transition to democracy and the newly formed political organizations understood this as a means to promote their ideas. It was an opportunity to test if the citizens were ready to choose who was going to govern. []

Spanish w/English Subtitles

Juan Andrés Bello, Venezuelan director

Juan Andrés Bello, born in Venezuela in 1970, is a director and producer dedicated to Latin American history, culture and art topics. Director of the award-winning El Cerrito, Bello has also participated in projects for A&E and The Biography Channel.

Dinner- Social Time                                                                Lobby  7:00 pm