Manuel de Alba del Castillo Negrete

Manual de Alba del Castillo Negrete is a full time profesor of film and script-writing in the Departament of Science and Communication at the Universidad de las Américas Puebla and has also studied Social Anthropology in the Universidad Iberoamericana, México. He earned his Master’s degree in Cinema at Colombia University in New York. Manuel has produced and directed a variety of documentaries and shorts including: Fin de Juego which won first prize in the Festival Du Reel in France, and the documentary Y los ninos de la calle siguen ahí (2003) which was presented in 15 countries in the Muestra de Cine Iberoamericano. At the Festival Internacional de Cine in Puebla 2011, the documentary “La Batalla de los Invisibles” directed by Manuel de Alba del Castillo Negrete, received the award for Best Foreign Documentary. La batalla de los invisibles, which is 50 minutes in length and was completed in the year 2010, is a documentary that tells the story of a 5 year struggle by 2,300 workers, most of them undocumented who spoke little or no English, against California’s most powerful supermarket chains. To date, it is the largest case of this type in the legal history of the United States.