Cows Wearing Glasses

Vacas Con Gafas(Puerto Rico, 2014) – Directed by Alex Santiago Perez

Feature Films – Spanish w/English Subtitles

‘Cows wearing glasses’ is a film about the emotional awakening of a man who is nearing the end of his days. Marso, a solitary and eccentric painter and art professor, has a disease that will make him lose his sight at any time and that has forced him to rethink the relationship with his daughter, while taking stock of a life full of professional success but unsatisfactory on the personal level. With touches of humor to tell small daily humiliations, ‘Cows wearing glasses’ is a reflection on the position of a man facing the inevitable. An intimate story, reduced to a minimum, which shows the internal reality of a character to the brink of his circumstances.[]

*** Made Possible with a Grant from Pragda